Saturday, January 12, 2008

Operation Special Delivery

I am looking into attending a doula training workshop in the next couple of months, and one of the trainers sent me a link to this wonderful non-profit organization called Operation Special Delivery. Operation Special Delivery connects pregnant military wives (whose husbands are severely injured or deployed in faraway lands) with volunteer doulas. Then the doulas support and help the pregnant mothers through their pregnancies and stay by their side to support them through labor and delivery so they will not have to navigate that journey alone. What a beautiful thing! You must be a trained doula in order to participate, but you better believe I'll be volunteering as soon as I possibly can. I can't wait to help these women who selflessly give up their husbands for our benefit!


Fig said...

That is AWESOME. You're training to be a doula, right? What do you have to do and how long will it take?

Lani said...

You have to attend a training workshop and attend 3 births with positive evaluations and read a bunch of books and do lactation consultant training and stuff. I'm not sure how long it will take. I've read most of the books (some of them multiple times), but I still need to attend a workshop and do the lactation training (which is something they must have added in the last couple of years, 'cause it wasn't part of the process when I looked into it before Eva was born). I think they give you a few years to complete everything. I'm excited to get going. I'm planning to be Brooke's doula when she has her baby in Oct, so that's why I wanna do my training workshop soon, so I can count her birth toward my certification requirements. :-)

Sweetpea said...

I've heard of this program, and I think it is amazing. I wasn't pregnant while my husband was in Iraq, but I knew many wives who were and I can't imagine how difficult it was for them. Good for you for wanting to support them! Especially since from my own personal experience, military hospitals are not the most pleasant place.