Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Running for Two"

I just finished reading this great blogpost over at "Running for Two." Lisa is chronicling her first pregnancy as a runner and is nearing the finish. She draws a great analogy between the role of a "pacer" in an endurance race and a labor coach. Check it out!

Also, I've been skimming a book from the library--Exercising Through Your Pregnancy, by James F. Clapp. Based on the research presented by Clapp in this book, I'm totally convinced that exercising (safely) through pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your unborn child (and yourself). I am definitely looking forward to exercising through my next pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits Clapp discusses:

* Limited weight gain
* Less physical discomfort
* More energy
* Easier, shorter, less complicated labor
* Newborns who "readily self-quiet" and "need less consolation from others"
* Some evidence that the children of women who exercise throughout pregnancy have heightened intelligence and oral language skills (as measured at 5 years of age).

Good stuff, eh? Have you had experience with any of these benefits of exercise in pregnancy? Please share!

P.S. It can be tricky to find active wear to accommodate a growing belly, but Fit Maternity will have you covered. Be sure to check out the support belts!


Erin said...

I don't know if you know this but I am certified as a Prental & Postnatal Exercise Instructor, I could give you ALL kinds of reasons & research of why exercise is fantastic during conception, through pregnancy, and postpartum. But from personal experience when I had my son I was teaching 7 Water Aerobic classes a week, (the best thing I ever did, and the best exercise to do when pregnant) I gained 21 pounds and had a 7 lb 6 oz baby w/o any inductions. BUT the biggest benefit was that he was delivered posterior, the Dr said that 9 out of 10 women would have had to have a C-section but because of my exercise I was able to deliver him naturally. One thing so many poeple don't realize is that the cervix is a 4" muscle...would you run a marathon without training? No, so Why expect your body to go through delivery without training? I was glad to see an exercise post on your Birth Faith Blog.

Erin said...

I should also mention that I did have an epidural with my posterior delivery. The total delivery time in the hospital was six hours and I pushed only 3 times before my son came. I think that if those pelvic floor muscles are "in shape" a vaginal delivery with posterior babies is very possible, even with an epidural.

Lani said...

I'd love to hear all your reasons and research about prenatal exercise!! Please do share!

And how cool about your vaginal posterior delivery! I love hearing about vaginal posterior deliveries! My littlest one was a vaginal posterior delivery as well! Though I wasn't anywhere near as physically fit as I'm sure you were! I did basically no exercise during my last pregnancy, but I plan to exercise through my entire pregnancy next time around! I can't wait to experience all the benefits. :-)

Thanks for commenting, Erin!

The Fifes said...

Way fun. I'll have to check it out someday when i'm pregnant again!