Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Citizens for Midwifery/Coalition for Improving Maternity Services Fact Sheet

I just got this email from Susan Hodges:

Dear Friends,

CfM created a well-received poster for the Coalition for Improving Maternity Care (CIMS) conference in February titled “What Does Good Maternity Care Look Like?”, and we have made a hand-out version. The colorful flier (which also looks good in black and white) includes the Midwives Model of Care, CIMS’ Ten Steps of Mother Friendly Care, and Lamaze’s “Six Care Practices that Support Normal Birth”, side by side, with their urls, with the caption “Supporting evidence-based care, and promoting healthy mothers and babies!”

We have now posted this flier at: http://www.cfmidwifery.org/pdf/ThreeModelsofCare.pdf

Please feel free to print it out and use it for classes, conferences, whatever. It gives a powerful message of “you don’t have to take my word” for what constitutes good maternity care!

Susan Hodges