Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No wonder the mermaids do it...

Seashells. Who'd have thought? I just finished reading Amanda Dumenigo's article at Mothering.com ("Seashells"). Apparently women have been placing seashells on their breasts for thousands of years. They are used to treat all types of sores, infections, cracking, and bleeding. For Amanda Dumenigo, they were a life-saver as she struggled to get a proper latch and establish breastfeeding with her infant. Her story hit close to home for me. I, too, struggled with these same breastfeeding trials. I used all sorts of man-made objects to try to make things work. Eventually, I was breastfeeding without any trouble at all. But I wish I had known about seashells back then. It sounds a little strange, but at the same time so right and natural. I'm always amazed when I see how God and nature have given us everything we need.

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