Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hargadon for Congress!

Check out this press release outlining Dr. Mike Hargadon's response to the AMA's resolution calling for anti-home-birth legislation. His words are so right on...

"Is this about safety or better birth outcomes? No, it's about money and it's about the AMA trying to protect its turf, plain and simple. . . . Midwifery is a fast-growing industry. More families are choosing to have births attended by a midwife, rather than by an OB/GYN. It also costs significantly less to give birth outside of a hospital setting. So it comes as no surprise that the AMA would support making homebirthing illegal. They're losing money and losing market share."

"Here you have a group of women who are successful and doing what they love. We need more of this in health care, not less. Midwives are giving people what they want and doing it in an affordable way. But the AMA wants to tell us it isn't safe, and run these successful women out of business or make them subservient to AMA. It's blatantly sexist, it's anti-freedom, and if this legislation passes, it will increase prices."

But I really hope he's wrong about this...

"My hope is that the Congress wouldn't be so foolish as to try to legislate birth choice. But if you want to know what Congress will do, just follow the money. In this election cycle alone, the AMA Political Action Committee has donated almost $740,000 to Congressional candidates and other party committees. My opponent, Congressman Elijah Cummings, has received $5000 in donations from them in the past four years. So my fear is that the AMA has already bought this legislation."

We cannot back down.


Sarah H said...

It's all about the money and it's very frustrating.
I really like your blog. It's very interesting and informative.

Lani said...

Thanks for your comment, Sarah. Please share your thoughts anytime! You're so right... It is so frustrating how much money controls the system!

adam said...

Hi, I'm Senior Research Analyst for Hargadon For US Congress. I'm in charge of making sure the facts we have are correct, and it is very unfortunate that the facts reported in this press release are true. I couldn't believe how much money AMA gives to politicians, but anyone can verify it at the FEC website, in case there is any doubt. Believe me, Mike and his entire staff also hope that the AMA hasn't already bought this legislation, but that remains to be seen.

For his part, Mike has refused donations from special interest groups, so lobbyists would hold no sway over him. Mike is focused on returning individual liberties and personal choice to the people, and limiting the expansion of government into our personal lives. Thank you for including our press release in your blog and helping to publicize this issue.