Friday, August 14, 2009

Ask Busca: Could my doctor refuse to deliver my VBAC at the last minute?

Deanna posted a question on my Birth Faith facebook fanpage. I thought I'd copy and paste the exchange here. My experience with VBACs is limited, so please chime into the discussion in the comments if you have any tips or additional info for Deanna! Thanks!

Deanna asked:
I'm planning on a VBAC (this is my 2nd birth) and I keep having this fear that my OB (who is supportive of VBACs and so far really great) will for some reason as it gets closer to time is going to say that I'll "have" to... have another C-section b/c the baby is too big, or some other excuse. If I don't feel like it really is the best thing for the baby to have a repeat Cesarean, what are my options? Worst case scenario- I don't show up for a scheduled C-section. Can Doctors refuse to deliver the baby vaginally if I come in at 10cm ready to push?
Busca's babble:

It's my understanding that a doctor who refuses to deliver a VBAC (even when a mom shows up at 9 or 10 cm) usually does so because their malpractice insurance won't cover them.

If your doctor is supportive of VBACs, I don't think it's likely he/she will refuse at the last minute. That doesn't mean he/she won't pressure you if they become concerned. But it's your body and your baby, so you can refuse a cesarean.

If your doctor starts playing the "big baby" card, I'd recommend bringing along some medical literature to your appointments showing that planning cesareans for suspected big babies doesn't improve outcomes. They can't argue with the facts, right?

Good luck! Thanks for posting!

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