Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Warp

Has it really been five and a half months??


Diana J. said...

Gorgeous!!! :)

And thanks for the quote!! :) I'm starting to think I was too "real" with my birth story, as a friend of mine read it and told me that she's now terrified! Oops.... didn't mean for that to happen. Well, I tried!!

dunlop family said...

oh my goodness...your baby is gorgeous!! my little sweetie {my fourth daughter} is five months, as well, and it has REALLY flown by!

a sweet frined of mone introduced me to your blog...i am an at home birth lover, too! my mom had her 6 munchies at home and i LOVE that i was able to be a part of some of them! i love to read your blog! thanks for sharing your passion!

Buscando la Luz said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Diana and dunlop fam! :-)