Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dayton's back

She tried before. And now she's trying again. Good grief! We knew it was coming, but it still makes me sick to hear about it.

Why is it that homebirth is so attacked and ridiculed by American OBs and the medical establishment? Why is it that British OBs (and the British National Health Service) view homebirth in such a different way? They actually want "to guarantee all eligible women a home birth by 2009" (emphasis added, source). Meanwhile, in the U.S., ACOG, most OBs, and their puppets are fighting tooth and nail to prevent women from choosing or even having the option of a homebirth! British OBs and midwives declare with confidence: "There is no reason why home birth should not be offered to women at low risk of complications and it may confer considerable benefits for them and their families. There is ample evidence showing that labouring at home increases a woman’s likelihood of a birth that is both satisfying and safe"(source). How can the Atlantic Ocean make that much difference??!!

If you live in UT, act immediately! Dayton's new bill hits the senate floor tomorrow morning! Email your senators right away!

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Sweetpea said...

Thanks for putting this out there, looks like we have a compromise bill that most of us can live with and they are supposedly going to leave us alone for three years. We'll see. Have you seen Sicko? Go see it.