Monday, February 4, 2008

Share your thoughts and feelings about birth!

I just read about this call for submissions at

Marisa Harder-Chapman and Kathleen Koegler are currently accepting submissions for an anthology on birth. They believe that

"...within each woman is inherent wisdom of the birth process, though it is often forgotten. Also commonly neglected are the meaningful and transformative aspects of birth. Birth is not just a physical way to continue the human population—the way a woman births and is transformed by birth has implications far beyond herself. We want more women to experience birth from a position of trusting birth and themselves... Your words and art may help women on their path toward trusting birth and have an impact on a new generation of mothers."

Please submit original (unpublished) written or visual expression of how you trust birth or how you have begun to travel this path. This may include essays, birth stories, poetry, artwork, or photography—any work that expresses your personal beliefs and feelings about the topic of trusting birth.

Length of poetry should no more than 750 words. Prose should be no more than 1250 words. Shorter lengths are welcome. Submissions will be edited for length and clarity. A letter of consent for publication must accompany all submissions. If you prefer to submit anonymously, please send your consent letter separately from your piece. Unless otherwise specified, first name, last initial, city and state will be included in the published work. Unused submissions along with their accompanying letters of consent will be destroyed after May 16, 2008. If you prefer to have your submission returned, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Submissions are due February 15, 2008, via mail or e-mail. Please request a letter of consent with your submission. Contact Marisa or Kathleen with any questions:

Marisa Harder-Chapman
Kathleen Koegler
1501 S Elm St
Cambridge MN 55008

Marisa: 763-552-0547
Kathleen: 651-699-6454


Fig said...

You're sending something, right? You have to!

Lani said...

I'm definitely going to write something! Not sure exactly what I'll write... probably an essay of some sort. Suggestions? The deadline is really soon, so I'm gonna have to get going on it! :-) I'm excited!

Fig said...

I highly recommend something on the lines of that Eve blog you posted on here. Pain/joy stuff. I loved that.

Just pull some of your best things out of the archives of Birth Faith, combine them all, make it transitionally sound, and voila! It'll be great.