Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prego Pic #1

Two days shy of 11 weeks.

My first appointment with Tiffany, the midwife, last Friday went well. It was still too early to hear the heartbeat, but I'm "definitely pregnant" (surprise, surprise) and everything's looking good. Tiffany, who confessed that she "loves looking at pregnant women's pee," said my urine looked great. "You can tell a lot about a pregnant woman by the looks of her pee," apparently. It appears I've already gained at least 10 pounds, and I'm measuring big (like last time) because my uterus is tipped. The clinic was okay. I wasn't wild about all of the staff members and it's in a sort of sketchy part of the valley, but the overall experience was good. I look forward to meeting the other midwives!

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