Friday, September 19, 2008

You Are a Queen

Perhaps you've heard of Stephanie Nielsen, or Nie. Her story is all over the blogosphere these days. She and her husband were in an airplane crash and both received burns over large portions of their bodies. They are still in the recovery process, and the blogging world has rallied around them through donations, auctions, and messages of good will. It's really a beautiful thing. Her sister has been keeping the world updated on their progress through her blog. And she's been moderating Nie's blog, reposting many of her past posts. One of them was a beautiful account of the home birth of Stephanie's son. I had to link to it. I love the sentiment... we are all queens... Check it out here.


Fig said...

I looooooved that post too. In fact, I have a piece inspired by it all written up, just haven't posted it yet. I had no idea Nie had done home births before reading it, that was such a fun thing to find out about her.

Sarah H said...

I loved this post too when I saw it. What a beautiful person and writer!
Congrats on your pregnancy.