Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Easing my conscience

This study makes me feel a lot better about "forgetting" to take prenatal vitamins (except for maybe once a month or so). The truth is I've just never felt good about taking them. I prefer to get my vitamins from real foods. So it's not that I didn't get plenty of folic acid in my early pregnancy. I did--peas, broccoli, greens, cereals, etc. Just not from pills.

I'd be interested to see whether folic acid from real food sources has the same negative effect on infants? I'd wager NO. Anyway... I've never been very good about taking prenatal vitamins and my kids have avoided asthma and have never had respiratory tract infections. Interesting.


Liz Johnson said...

I sometimes wonder if my youngest children will be the healthiest, because I keep listening less and less to the "medical establishment" and just go on intuition instead. :)

Cindy and Steve said...

I too "forgot" to take prenatals because they would make me vomit (what an ugly word, huh) every time. I ate LOTS of dark greens and everything else with lots of natural color instead.

Fig said...

I am morally opposed to vitamins in general. Not really. But I never take them, on principle - I get vitamins from my food, or I don't get them at all. I had no idea there was such a push for prenatal vitamins; I've never planned to take them during pregnancy.

Interestingly, I too vomited the only time I tried to take one. About five years ago I wanted to grow my hair out quickly, and someone told me about prenatal vitamins. I took one and promptly puked - and I NEVER puke. Not a good sign.

Liz Johnson said...

Fig, to many medical providers, not taking your prenatal vitamins is akin to abusing your unborn. There is a MASSIVE push for them, especially when it comes to folic acid. And I'm with you - vitamins from food are more natural and more easily absorbed. I really wish the push was for good nutrition over vitamins.