Friday, December 5, 2008

"A Woman Who Serves"

Doulas rock. I want to be this lady when I grow up.


Fig said...

You know that I am entirely serious when I say I want you to be my doula, right? If there is any way possible to swing that (someday), I want to.

That story was beautiful.

Faithful Lurker said...

I loved that article! I swear I would not have had the birth I did if it weren't for my doula. She wasn't there during my labor due to some family issues she had, (which actually worked out perfectly because my husband was a rock and we bonded in ways I cannot describe) but she arrived just as I started to push and kept me very calm. The hospital staff was starting to get anxious about the HR of my baby and they were whispering about more intervention. My doula stood firm and helped me breath low and deep. My baby was born after 2 contractions and was perfectly healthy.

I was induced for Preeclampsia but was still determined to go natural. I would never have done it without her support and encouragement. I was terrified of the unexpected intervention but she helped keep me and my husband strong. I am indebted to her forever.

Thanks for posting the article. I've said this before but I LOVE your blog. My sister is pregnant with #1 and is starting to get educated about birth. I frequently refer her to this blog.

Buscando la Luz said...

I love hearing stories of great birth experiences. Thanks, Faithful Lurker! I love my readers!!