Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vitamin D scores again

Good grief. Does the good news about vitamin D ever end?

Here's the latest headline: "UV exposure in pregnancy boosts fetal bone density."

There's some great information in the article about how sunlight exposure during pregnancy improves fetal bone growth with long term effects as well--10-year-old children whose mothers had sufficient sunlight during pregnancy had higher bone mineral content!

I can't get enough of vitamin D research. Love it. And it's motivating me to get outside more, which is always a good thing. We've taken brisk 2-mile-ish walks the last couple of afternoons, and we had a gorgeous morning at the park today... I took off my jacket (didn't need it anyway) and soaked up the sun. It makes me happy, especially knowing that it's doing so much good for me and my baby! Yay.

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