Friday, November 14, 2008

Heath Ledger on Birth

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams chose to go natural with a doula in October 2005 when their daughter, Matilda, was born. Here's what Heath Ledger had to say about witnessing the birth:

"For man, birth is the realisation that you're just a hopeless, useless specimen of life and witnessing this innate, primal strength within women can be such an intimidating experience.

"When you come out of the birthing experience, you actually have a better understanding of how and why men have over-compensated in society by creating battles and wars and steroids, and why they go to the gym. It's because we want to be strong and tough, and we're not. And it's this endless quest to kind of find this strength that can equal women's. Experiencing those nine months with Michelle was incredibly humbling, and I just relinquish all kinds of respect and power to her. She's incredible"
("The Truth About Heath Ledger's Women," The Daily Telegraph).

I wouldn't agree that men aren't strong and tough (we're just strong in different ways), but it's sweet to hear a man's awe in witnessing his partner give birth, huh?


Liz Johnson said...

That is so cool. I wish this type of thing were publicized more!

The Fifes said...

i love that. Thanks for sharing!