Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh my... and Oh Yeee-ah!

I need to move. Do you? Mass exodus to Vermont, anyone?

Oh, and check out the new blog Unnecesarean where I heard about a fabulous study reaffirming what my gut has always told me. Here's a quick excerpt from Medical News Today that sums things up beautifully:

"Pregnant women whose labor stalls while in the active phase of childbirth can reduce health risks to themselves and their infants by waiting out the delivery process for an extra two hours, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.

"By doing so, obstetricians could eliminate more than 130,000 cesarean deliveries--the more dangerous and expensive surgical approach--per year in the United States, the researchers conclude."

Oh, and THANK YOU, Aaron Caughey, MD, PhD (senior author on the study). His words were right on: "Given the extensive data on the risk of cesarean deliveries, both during the procedure and for later births, prevention of the first cesarean delivery should be given high priority."

(Full article here: "Many C-Sections Can Be Avoided By Waiting Out Stalled Labor, UCSF Study Shows," Medical News Today)

AMEN! Now let's see it happen!


Faithful lurker said...

That's what is so frustrating! The research backs it up, but nothing ever changes. :( said...

I think we can change it.

Thanks for the link!