Monday, March 16, 2009

More awfulness

I remembered reading that Pitocin can lead to newborn jaundice, so I was doing a quick bit of internet research and stumbled upon's page about Pitocin's side effects. I already knew they were bad, but I guess I didn't realize they were this bad. Holy moly. Click over and take a look. Be sure to read more than just the "for the consumer" portion for the real juicy details. If that list doesn't scare you away from an unnecessary induction or labor augmentation, I don't know what will.

P.S. If you've been told you "need" to be induced (or your doctor has offered to induce you without a medical reason), be sure to check out "Saying 'No' to Induction," by Judith A. Lothian, PhD, RN, LCCE, FACCE, before you make your final decision.