Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speaking of birth stories

I just read Rixa's account of the unassisted birth of her first daughter. It's pretty incredible. These excerpts were especially touching to me:
"I asked Eric for a blessing the next day. I have always felt peaceful about going without medical or midwifery care during the pregnancy, but I wanted reassurance as the birth drew nearer. After the blessing, I knew that this was the right choice and had no more doubts or fears."
And later:
"When Eric came back from running his errands, I asked him to give me a blessing. I had to stop him once in the middle to breathe through a contraction. It was very specific that everything would go smoothly, that the baby would be healthy, and that I could trust my body. I don’t remember any more specifics but that is not surprising! That blessing, plus the one he had given me the night before, gave me total confidence that everything would turn out perfectly. When I was a little discouraged during pushing, feeling that nothing was progressing, I thought back to what he had said and took courage, knowing that I just needed to do whatever my body wanted to."
Reading Rixa's account reminded me, once again, of my own spiritual confirmations that giving birth at home is the right choice for us and that God will keep us well and safe. It was a much needed reminder. Thank you for sharing this with us, Rixa. I don't doubt that I will think of you as I give birth to my son at home.

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