Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's about TIME

How cool is this... Time Magazine is raising awareness about the problems with repeat cesareans! I knew it was going to be good when I read the opening line: "For many pregnant women in America, it is easier today to walk into a hospital and request major abdominal surgery than it is to give birth as nature intended." I love that birth issues are popping up more and more in the mainstream media! Click here for the article (Pamela Paul, "The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans").


Lori Controversies in Childbirth Conference said...

I loved the first line of the article as well.

I also love how the article points out, “patients and doctors need to be as aware of the risks of multiple cesareans as they are of those of VBACs.”

This article is very informative and highlights the Catch 22’s of birth that will be discussed at the Controversies in Childbirth Conference.

The president of ICAN, Pam Udy, will actually be on a panel to discuss cesareans at this conference.

In the conference seminar, “Is There Any Benefit to Low C-Section Rates?” all sides of the cesarean debate will be presented. Dr. Fishbein MD FACOG, (Anti-Cesarean OB); Marra S. Francis MD (Pro-Cesarean OB); Pauline McDonagh Hull, Editor of; Pam Udy, President, ICAN

Sarah H said...

It's so great that article is out! There really needs to be much more awareness of this. Thanks for sharing.